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Boho Bags  


These amazing new Boho Bags are all hand crafted and usually one of a kind. They're made mostly from cotton but sometimes polyester, using crochet techniques introduced by Catholic missionaries in the early twentieth century who have then passed down the traditions to the Colombian Indigenous ancestors.

This tradition is proudly passed down from mother to daughter keeping it's unique qualities within the village by using only the best quality materials and taking care to produce a quality products. Each village has their own designs and are easily recognizable by their amazing color combinations and designs both traditional and modern. They are very practical and easy to look after with a simple sponge and cold water.

You'll find it hard to stop at one!


Boho Bags
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 Boho Bag Black Rose AU$149.00 
 Boho Bag Brown Triangles AU$149.00 
 Boho Bag Mustard, Tan and Black AU$149.00 
 Boho Bag Cross Pattern Orange and Teal AU$149.00 
 Boho Bag T2 Bright Yellow, Orange, Pink Green and Blk. AU$149.00 
 Boho Bag with Black Plait Straps & ZigZag pattern. AU$165.00 
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1